30 September 2023

The state of health of the Corella

When choosing a corella, pay attention to the health of the bird. It is not recommended to buy a parrot that sits in a cage with disheveled eyes and does not react to external stimuli. A sleeping bird should sit on only one leg, firmly grasping the stick.

Look, in what position is the bird sitting on the stick.Feathers should not be disheveled, broken and dirty, especially around the cloaca. Be sure to pay attention to the presence of all important feathers.When choosing a parrot, carefully study it.On the beak and other parts of the body there should be no damage, crusts and tumors. The color of the wax should be typical for this mutation. If the male is brownish, and the female is bluish, this indicates a hormonal disorder in the body.The eyes should be transparent and shiny.Take the bird in your hand and carefully examine its chest. If the sternum protrudes at an acute angle, this may be a sign of the disease.If you blow on the plumage around the anus of the parrot, you can see the skin. Redness of the skin can be a consequence of the inflammatory process in the intestine.When buying a parrot, remember that a healthy bird should be very mobile, with dense plumage and shining eyes.


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