25 September 2022

What you should first think about before buying Corella

First of all, with the content of the corella, three basic rules should be adopted, namely:

  • Possibility of flights
  • Society of parrots of the same species
  • Good and varied food.

A good owner is one who follows these rules

However, you should also consider some other circumstances. Although parrots are inexpensive, but along with the costs associated with the construction of garden fencing, it is sometimes required (for example in Germany) to go through some licensing companies. Therefore, it would be good to talk with neighbors in a timely manner, that sometimes parrots will scream.

If parrots live in an apartment, then all family members should be prepared to tolerate some inconvenience. Feathers and rests of food can get on the carpet, during the free flight of the room sometimes there are traces of bird droppings. With the help of darkness, the parrot can be returned back to the cage.

Trouble caused by diseases of parrots, requiring a visit to the vet. Unfortunately, the fee does not match the size of such patients. Reasonable owner of the parrot, of course, agrees with the costs of treatment, which is many times higher than the cost of buying a bird. Of course, having decided to acquire a parrot, you must be ready for it.

For the Corellа parrot, who experience the joy of flying, only large enough cells are suitable. The minimum cell size per bird is 80 x 40 x 60 cm. The cells of the cage should be placed horizontally. It is desirable that the cage has a lower retractable tray. A bowl for food and a bowl for water are fixed outside the cage.


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